Sunday, May 29, 2011

Crazy Weather in Taiwan

I just finished my trip to Taiwan! I found the name of this Library very interesting and thought I would share it.
I remembered the last time I got a shot of an "Asian" structure, it got flooded with comments. This time I'll just leave this here!

The weather was like awesome when we landed. Nice atmosphere, great sunshine, and a gentle breeze. Sadly a typhoon came by the third day. I still had 2 days to get some awesome pictures. I'll be talking about my food adventures tomorrow(There's SOOOO MUCH FOOD, & it was ALL so very good!), so you definitely want to follow if you havn't already!
Tell me what you think in the comments! Every been to Taiwan? Seen some crazy weather tell me about it!(I heard about the tornados in the states. my condolences out to anyone, or their loved ones that are affected)
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  1. Seems like the weather here, it's almost like a typhoon everyday! That temple looks amazing, very pretty.

  2. Yum, looking forward to food post! We have a pretty wide array of cultural food here in Hawaii, but its hard to find authentic restaurants.

  3. i actually like taiwan because they fight china. but their landscape is not the beautifullest

  4. Never rains like that where I live.