Monday, May 30, 2011

Taipei 101

It was typhooning but as the crazy party animals we were, we still went out to Taipei 101(That really tall building).
These are the "better" of my photos that night, as the rest was just us drinking our asses off, and no one wants to see that, right?
My friend snuck me up to the 27th floor of this other building where the club was in the basement to get some of these shots!
What do you guys think of the night view? Anything like this where you guys are from?
Ever been taken somewhere you weren't really suppose to be, but enjoyed every moment of it?
Tell me in the comments!
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  1. That's a beautiful overview of the town, it reminds me of downtown!

  2. You have a tendency to make me actually like blurry pictures. I really like the second one. <3