Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shenzhen - China

My adventures in Shenzhen. It's a really nice place, but I just walked down the street, and I got solicited by SO many prostitutes! I got 9 random old ladies coming up to me asking to take a look at the girls from just walking down 1 street, then I turned the corner, and doubled back to the metro station, and I stopped counting.

I've some free time lately, and I've been working on the script for a little short. I don't want to ruin it, but I might be weaving in and out of this blog, or some post might just seem like I whipped it together last minute(Like I've been doing so far)
I hope you bear with me, and I'll throw up an entertaining little short by Sept(hopefully) for all you guys.

As always, feel free to answer questions I didn't even ask this time in my comments!
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  1. LOL must have been funny as hell seeing all those prostitutes! I'm liking the overview of those hills looks amazing

  2. Haha when I stayed in a hotel in Nanning I kept on getting calls in the middle of the night from some woman in hushed tones. I've no idea what she was saying but I would imagine it was something like what you describe!

  3. Very nice use of space in the first picture

  4. haha, if they did have anything "made in america" they're lying!

  5. love the blog mmmm