Sunday, May 22, 2011

Next project

Well that was an exciting week. I still do not know to shoot as my
next challenge, for the time being I think I am just going to look for
things I need to practice more on (lighting, b/w photography, HDR).
I've some plans coming up so content might not be as "fresh" as I will
be showing some of my old work.
Do not fret, as I will be travelig around, and when I get back, I
shall hare with you all tales of my adventure!

Take this opportunity to tell me what you guys would like to see. If
you are feeling socialable tell me tell me of some of your travel
stories! Anything interesting ever happened when you were on vacation?
Meet any interesting people that have a fun anecdote attached? I look
forward to reading these comments when I get back!

The sky is blue because God used the wrong hexidecimal code.


  1. I have some stories, but they are too long to be told in a comment :)

  2. Great story, can't wait for more :D

  3. Every vacation I go on becomes an Adventure time filled with events and new people.

  4. love your storytimes , just like grandpa back in the days haha