Friday, May 27, 2011

Kneeding Dough

I took a documentary filmmaking class last semester at school. One of the requirements was it needed to be about something in the community. I decided to pitch a documentary about how we had a documentary class, documenting our community(2 birds with 1 stone, right?). Sadly, it was horribly, horribly rejected, and much more complicated projects were chosen(I swear, I thought of the easiest, most rewarding project, and the class blew me off). I ended up joining this group that was doing a documentary in a job training program. It turned out to be really fun. We lost 1 member in preproduction, then we had another one flake towards the end. Basically at the end, it was just the director and I editing this piece and doing damage control. This is the first documentary I've ever done, I had alot of fun doing it, but it just isn't what I want to do as a living. My interest is, and probably for a while will be in Music Video Production, but as a side job, I can possibly get into documentary filmmaking.
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  1. Good job, but it could have some music

  2. didn't watch all of it, but looks proffesional

  3. Not bad at all, sounds like a crazy time.

  4. This is good, looks professional and the subject matter is interesting. I'll subscribe to your channel. Well done, this is excellent for your first documentary.

  5. Definitely an important skill.