Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday - Portraits

It's officially been 1 week of photo fun!
I would never have taken any of these shots if I didn't proactively go after a theme of the day.

I've noticed the most popular pictures this week was that asian theme pagoda, so as a special treat. I'm going to work on a series of shots that I will take in that park!

Okay, so let's discuss these pictures.
1) it was a really nice grainy wall, and I was kinda desperate for a "texture" picture.
I liked how the depth of field, and the sky peaking into superwhites made nice contrast to the dark shades of the wall there.
2) I actually took the time to set up this shot of the sidewalk, a nice contrast of textures there.

3 Portraits from these two fine gentlemen(Models : Kwan Wing Tai, & Joachim "Eko" SJoberg) of the HKPA.
Special thanks for these really nice action shot of their awesome parkour skills, and helping me with my Portrait photography.
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  1. lovely portraits. i loved eko the most. he is such a cool guy and look at his body its marvellous

  2. I really like pictures 1 and 2.

  3. Sidewalk looks like a mini long road picture...

  4. Nice post! Check out my new blog.

  5. Great pictures. I love the DOF in the first two. And the men jumping the raining is a nice action shot.

  6. Pretty detailed photo. Hey you meet the guy? I wish I was there.

  7. No one seem to notice, the railing shot is actually BOTH gentlemen vaulting the rails.
    And yeah, I met them, they were pretty cool guys, learned a bit about hot to fall, and tumble from them that day.